Your Dragon

Like a cinder fallen to the blackened rock and fanned into flame, so began your existence in this world. Though their forms may be infinitely varied, all dragons are born in fire.


Customize your dragon's color, facial features, limbs, title, and other features. Improve your combat effectiveness and make an impression with spikes, heavy bone platescales, extra muscles, and battle scars.


Your dragon will gain powerful traits as it grows, refining its claws, bite, wings, and tail to support its preferred attack style.

Every dragon's abilities improve with use as it hunts and grows. Customize its breath weapon into a devastating elemental force. Strengthen its scales to deflect blades and arrows.

Every weapon a dragon possesses will improve over the course of its life, developing unique traits and capabilities.


Be as benevolent or terrible as you wish. Aid villages and kingdoms for tribute and support, or attack them for food and wealth.

How you interact with the world will affect your dragon's alignment and how other dragons, the lesser races, and other factions treat you.