Dragon: The Game is in Early Access Alpha. IT IS NOT A COMPLETED GAME.

Dragon: The Game is an open world "Dragon Simulator" meets "Action RPG" where you create your own dragon and unleash it upon the world.

Experience dragons in their proper role, not as oversized lizards or one-off villains, but as the monstrous, complex, and epic protagonists that they are.

Find your place in the world, hunting and foraging for food and treasure in the dangerous fantasy world of Erda.

Grow strong by eating and slumbering. Hoard gold and other treasures like a bear preparing for hibernation.

Claim your own lair, being careful to not provoke the other dragons, beasts, and even kingdoms that share the world with you.

Over the centuries, your dragon will grow in power and prestige. Expand your domain through benevolence or intimidation, claiming enough resources, landmarks, and territory to rival city-states.

Choose who to help and who to eat; which cities will thrive under your rule and which will burn...

Customize your dragon's color, face, features, and abilities. Upgrade your natural weapons and armor including your scales, claws, jaws, tail, wings, and breath weapon.

The completed game will include...

Single and Multi-Player Modes - For all of your dragon co-op and PVP needs. Work together toward common goals or find out who is the top dragon.

Users Mods - Help us make this game great by contributing to the modding community. Integration with Steam Workshop is planned as well.

Engaging Combat and RPG Mechanics - A fully destructible environment includes flammable trees, buildings, and villagers. Ice breath freezes and shatters enemies.

Physics-Based Flight - Soar through the skies, exploring an expansive open world and launching aerial attacks on your enemies.

Real-Time Day-Night Cycle - Hunt and explore in a dynamic world that changes after dark. Encounter different enemies and NPCs depending on the time of day.

Development Roadmap

Dragon is currently in early alpha, and we've got a long way to go to make Dragon the game it deserves to be. All features and plans listed here are subject to change as we learn more about the community's needs during Early Access.

  • More monsters, wildlife, and fantasy races to populate the world
  • Quests, story lines, and lore
  • More and larger worlds to explore and conquer
  • Randomly generated worlds
  • Expanded combat and improved NPC AI
  • More destructible and intractable environments and objects
  • Additional breath weapons and magic
  • Updated graphics and physics
  • Improved sound and music
  • Awesome new dragon models. Play as different "species" of dragon
  • Additional RPG mechanics and customization options
  • Weather effects and natural disasters (volcanoes, tornadoes, etc.)
  • Expanded mod support
  • Additional languages and controller support

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