March Progress Update

March is here! We received our Kickstarter funds last Wednesday and are getting aligned with our development goals. We apologize for the late update. There were a lot of things to consider and discuss internally before we reached out to you this month. We’ve also hit a few technical snags along the way. While the […]

The World Page Goes Live

There’s a brand new section of the website where Dragon fans can go to learn more about the game world and its lore. The World contains subsections that cover stories and lore, the role of dragons in the world, and the land in which Dragon takes place. This area is an active construction zone, so check back often for updates!

Dragon Live Streaming for Seattle’s Children Hospital (Saturday 10/25 9am PST)

We are taking a break from development this Saturday to join Extra-Life’s quest to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. We’ve joined with team Indie Megabooth and will be raising money specifically for Seattle Children’s Hospital. Catch the team playing an updated build tomorrow the 25th: (click “Read More” for the hyperlink) Donate […]

Early Access Delayed To November 7th

We hit a few bumps in the road this week and had to make the difficult choice of delaying Early Access.  I’m really sorry to have to disappoint our fans and community but the team has noticed the trend of Early Access titles that have upset or taken advantage of players.  Dragon will NOT be that […]

PodCast w/16Bit Assassins

Had a fun time with the guys over at 16Bit Assassins. Check out the pod cast if you want to hear us chat about Dragon and act a little silly. Click “Read More” for the link. Grant

Early Access September 19th

We’re excited to be just over three weeks out from Early Access!  Work on the GUI, RPG mechanics, combat, multi-player, and the game world will be our focus as we close in on the 19th.  Be prepared for big updates in the weeks to come as we roll out Dragon!

Dragonflight 2014

We had a great time at Dragonfight in Bellevue, WA.  Attendees were able to play a pre-release build and get a taste of what Dragon is all about!  Expect pictures on our media page shortly!