March Progress Update

March Progress Update

March is here! We received our Kickstarter funds last Wednesday and are getting aligned with our development goals.

We apologize for the late update. There were a lot of things to consider and discuss internally before we reached out to you this month. We’ve also hit a few technical snags along the way. While the realities of software development mean we can’t always hit our targets to release an update on a specific date, we can be a lot more communicative about the process, our frustrations, and the path-forward. These monthly progress reports, along with weekly updates, are important to us, as well as you.

Additionally, we want to be good stewards of our backer’s money (and our player’s patience :)). In order to help the team focus on what’s important to our players, we will be running a survey to find out what you’d prefer us to work on, next.

Here are some examples questions our official survey will be asking. Feel free to comment below, although we’ll be collecting official responses, later.
• What does Dragon: The Game offer, or could offer, that no other game does?
• What 3 things NEED to be great, for you to love D:TG?
• What is missing in the current game, that is driving you crazy?
• What drew you to Dragon: The Game

Story & Lore Update

Starting this month we are showcasing a story, plot arc, quest, or other narrative from our collection. These teasers are meant to give you a new glimpse of the world and the dynamics of play. This month’s story is a tale of caution to ostentatious mortals.

The Sovereign’s Gold
“Once, there was a king who wished to gild every building in his kingdom’s capital. He’d worked for years to secure his fortune, and it seemed a waste to leave it hidden behind locked doors. Why shouldn’t he take pride in his wealth? His advisers protested vigorously. After all, there were dragons in the area. If one of them saw the gold, they would surely be drawn to claim it…”(Click here to read on)[]

Development Plans v8.4.3 to v8.5

+We’re adding a new dragon type for you to choose from. This dragon will be demoing our modular anatomy features with customizable heads, horns, and other body parts.

+Individual dragons will save and load. Currently, all dragon’s share the same attributes and upgrades. We’ll replace this with individual character files for each of your dragons. This is important now that you can upgrade you dragon.
+Fix GUI flickering issue when naming dragons.
+Enable additional upgrades such as armor, health, and breath weapon improvements.
+A new quest type or monstrous threat.
+Deploy and test new cities system. Instead of spawning small clusters of houses, we’ll soon be able to spawn in large, random and pre-generated groups of building. This will create a lot more opportunities for mayhem, quests, and danger.

Current Version 8.4.3 Patch Notes & Known Issues

Patch Notes
+Co-op multiplayer is back on, but buggy.
+Turn Shadows On/Off and Render Grass Distance options can now be adjusted.
+Fog is in and terrain streaming distance have been adjusted
+New Treasure Collect Quest
+Fixed a crash bug, dragon persistence bug, and a QuestGiver bug.

Known Issues
+Purple Screen of Death (for Linux users)
+Text Flicker: When naming your dragon, the GUI will cycle between menu background and large white text.

Other News…

+Business Accelerator: We’ve enrolled Red Level Games in a regional business accelerator program. This program will help us hone in our vision, develop our business plan, learn new organizational skills, and culminates with a pitch in front of a group of potential investors. Completing this program will be a significant step toward bringing in additional capital and refining RLG into a more effective, professional, and lean studio.
+New livestream schedule coming out. We’re coordinating with the team to set dates for our March livestream events. These are one-hour sessions with one of three formats.
1) Developer blog. Meet the Devs and chat while we build the game and work on code. Great for those curious about game development and what goes on behind the scenes.
2) Play testing. Hang out with us as we play D:TG. We show off the latest features, level up our dragons, and talk about what you’d love to see in the game.
3) Office hours. Join us for a light-hearted, anything goes discussion about D:TG, running a game development studio, life, or whatever else is on your mind.
+Webpage Update. Our webpage will be undergoing some major changes as we move toward a more engaging and conventional website.

Thanks everyone. We’re working on a hotfix this week with additional content and features coming next week. Check back here for our end of the week update, and March’s livestream schedule.



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    1) Well, for one, your a dragon, and its the only game I have seen that you play an actual dragon in an open world game. What I am looking most forward to as potential is the ability to ally and help cities build, helping establish a great fortress city, and watching it grow with you.

    2) The first thing that needs to be great is the upgrade system. Upgrades need to be unlimited (except maybe size, as eventually size becomes ridiculous). Second is the Dragon/City interaction system. This is especially important who want to pursue an “Protectorate” style of gameplay. The third, although certainly not final, needs to be better, more advanced AI, with enemies that “scale up” based on how powerful you are, making the game still fun, but not aggravating. I would suggest having a “respawn” system. If you are a wild dragon, respawn in your cave. If you are a protectorate, you respawn in your city. In both cases, you get bonuses based on how far you got with your previous playthough.

    3) It drives me crazy that there is an upgrade UI (user interface) but it doesn’t work at all… I would like to at least see myself grow.

    4) The potential for this game is incredibly large. I have faith that the developers will deliver, and I wish themselves fortune. They have the potential to gain a lot of fame as a studio for making this game. At the same time, they have the potential to lose all credibility if they quit the project and do not deliver.

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    I admit I’ve only been following this game casually, watching updates now and then and trying to decide if a beta-purchase is worth it. So far from some comments I’ve seen, I’ve been dissuaded. However as one of the very few games where you can play as a dragon I am very curious to see what it becomes.

    I can’t speak for how others would play, but if I am playing and given these options I know this is what I would like:
    1.) To be able to customize my dragon. Not to a huge degree right off perhaps, but certainly beyond just picking a type. Perhaps with an option like in the game Spore to chose a few different types of claws or horns. Minor cosmetic things. Unimportant really, but adds a nice sense of personal style.
    2.) A sense that the game world opens up as it’s played. Going from a personal cave, to a small valley, to an expanding landscape as you grow with lots to discover is always fun.
    3.) A combat system that rewards creative thinking. Sneak up and ponce, drop from above, burn from a distance, etc. Preferably while having enemies and prey react accordingly. And on the topic of food, maybe items of while fruits and vegetables as an option besides just animals.
    4.) A story that rewards passive or aggressive play. Some players would want to attack a city and burn everything inside. My personal style would be more passive of walk up to the front gates and demand protection money. They townsfolk give my dragon the gold and food tributes, and in turn the dragon protects them and their lands.

    Maybe some of this is already in development maybe not. As I said I’ve been a casual follower of the game so I haven’t kept up with the news of late. I do look forward to seeing how things come about. It looks like a fun game and I wish the team the best of luck with it.

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    I have left Dragon: the game’s development for quite some time now so I am not sure if something I say is already added or planned to be added. I really like the idea for this game since all other dragon games require to kill them…

    1) Well it already offers that you can play as a dragon so it is a great start. The following stuff is just my random ideas for the game. I would enjoy that in the start as you customize your dragon you could choose your base, horns, wings etc. and the type of breath you can use which would also determine in which area you could start. In example fire, water, electricity, nature, ice, wind breath. with the chosen breath specific areas would count as your home and in my opinion you should have some kind of boosts or perks while being in your home area like better stealth, more chance of finding friendly dragons, bigger hunting territories. I would also like some indicator to tell you what kind of dragon are you (karma). It would make it easier to see if you are a pacifist, murderer or somewhere in between. If I know correctly you can also grow in the game with your levels or not? In my opinion it would be cool to have different stages which come with levels and would unlock different abilities. Hatchling – you go around learning controls, seeing what the game is about, learning the most basic, but still important stuff. Adolescent – you get the ability of gliding and be able to use your chosen breath. Adult – you can start flying constantly, but be aware of your stamina or you can fall to the ground taking damage. You would also become noticeably stronger with your breath and stronger physically. And logically you would be able to find and choose an abandoned home, fight for another dragons territory or choose to live with humans. Elder – strongest stage where you could choose if you want to be a weaker(still stronger than adult), but fast dragon or slower(still faster than adult), but strong dragon. As stages change you would need to eat less times, but in bigger amounts or else your stats would drop, but would restore as soon as you would eat.

    2) First- I would like that you would find interactive NPC dragons, humans and all kinds of different races. So basically that there would be interaction. Second- good battle system. It would be very unpleasant to have this amazing game with a cool idea, but with a bad battle system. Third- it needs to have realistic aspects. What I mean is that the dragon would have hunger, energy, endurance.

    3) Like I said… I haven’t been following the current updates to the game so I don’t know if the stuff I disliked got changed or not.

    4) I really like the concept and the idea to create this game. I absolutely love dragons, but there aren’t many games in which you would be the dragon. You always become the dragon rider, dragon slayer, but almost never… The Dragon. I know the MMORPG Istaria, but you need to pay every month to get the membership to get the full game, to become a dragon which is a bit annoying…

    I really hope that the game will get more positive responses and helpful ideas so it could fully release faster. Best of luck with continuing the development of Dragon: the game.

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