Progress Report, Kickstarter Update, Patch Notes.

Progress Report, Kickstarter Update, Patch Notes.


We are one month into the new year, dragons. The team is excited to be making large, developmental strides. Our Kickstarter campaign just passed $31,000 raised! Please help us exceed our goals and unlock additional stretch goals by spreading the word! A successful Kickstarter will help us greatly accelerate development!

Development Plans v8.4 to v8.5
This month our focus will be on RPG mechanics, replay-ability, and customization. To do so we’re adding a new dragon type for you to choose from. This dragon will be demoing our modular anatomy features with customizable heads and body parts.

Additionally we are turning on the eating, growing system in preparation for deeper RPG mechanics later this year.

**Update: Hit ‘C’ To open your dragon’s upgrade menu.  We’ve unlocked movement speed and size.   Next will be HP.  Any request on what upgrade we should work on next?

Now, as you catch prey and complete quests your dragon will accumulate growth points which can be spent on improving your dragons:
+Breath Attack (Range, Damage, Size)
+Tail Attack (Reach, Damage, Knockback)
+Roar (Range, Damage, Fear)
+Movement (Speed, Handling)
+Physical Size(Large, Smaller)
+Health and Amor
+Reputation (Villagers, Wildlife)

Current Version 8.4.0 Patch Notes & Known Issues
Patch Notes
+Co-op multiplayer is back on.
+Turn Shadows On/Off and Render Grass Distance options can now be adjusted.
+Fog is in and terrain streaming distance have been adjusted
+New Treasure Collect Quest
+Fixed a crash bug, dragon persistence bug, and a QuestGiver bug.

Known Issues
Purple Screen of Death (link here)
Text Flicker: When naming your dragon, the GUI will cycle between menu background and large white text

The dragon’s head will lock and not adjust vertically.

You’ll bounce off of objects or NPCs in hilarious ways, if you collide with them at high speeds and obtuse angles.


Other News…
+Potentially working with a new animator and new developer.
+We have new digital boxart. Will you choose good or evil?

Box mock-ups_3LOGO_CaveBackground

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    Good to see this game is taking shape. Like many others I too am looking forward to this game’s retail release. Try keeping the hilarious stuff in as long as possible as that will net you guys a lot more players and fan base. Most games I jump on are usually given great commentary or reviews by Youtubers and the like. A solid game is always the desire, but the necessity for flavor or “out of box” entertainment will always drive the player base.

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