Early Access Delayed To November 7th

Early Access Delayed To November 7th

We hit a few bumps in the road this week and had to make the difficult choice of delaying Early Access.  I’m really sorry to have to disappoint our fans and community but the team has noticed the trend of Early Access titles that have upset or taken advantage of players.  Dragon will NOT be that kind of game.  Even though we want you playing as soon as possible the higher game developer morale values say “wait”.

We lost some team members in the final weeks of development and faced unexpected optimization issues.  This put the team in the difficult position of trying to fill roles and fight fires while keeping to a tight development schedule.  We gave it a hell of a try but still aren’t confident Dragon will run well enough to be fun.

But fear not!  We’ve reorganized and are doubling down our efforts to make sure Dragon is every bit the game it deserves to be.  Thanks for your patience and support!




  1. Nick

    Love to have a alpha copy, I’d do a small review on it, post it on YouTube try and spread it around a little more. :)

    • Nick

      Oh and my channel is CapitalGearGaming, it’d be a honor to have your game on it.

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